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The One Cap, Sport Cap Officielle ! V3
The One Cap, Sport Cap Officielle ! V3

The One Cap, Sport Cap Officielle ! V3


The One Cap Is Now Available  48h delivery !


World's N°1 most comfortable Cap !


 Hi there, we are Tshotsh. 

We make innovative outfit for Outdoors & Water Sports Lovers since 2007. 


The cap with 4-in-1 Versatility

We studied the needs of outdoors enthusiasts like runners, sailors, kitesurfers, surfers, golfers, climbers... And we created the first cap to fit all of their needs. 

One cap, zero compromise. We put all our effort in performance and style. 



Highly functional, amazing style !

The cap with 4-in-1 versatility : providing the benefits of a water cap, practicality of a sport cap and style of a street cap. We added up an innovative 100% UV protective & transparent visor, to keep your field of vision as wide as possible.




What makes

the one cap so

amazing ?


Widen your field of vision



Unknown to many adventure lovers, the 100% UV protective & transparent visor is the best protection you can use for all your outdoor activities. It will protect you from the sun and intense light whitout obstructing your field of vision, keeping it as wide as possible.  

The visor is transparent, and you can see through it. It's transparent but tinted; this helps reduce the dazzle from direct sunlight during training. And it's 100% UV protective.  




Stays securely on your head



You are tired of losing your caps in the sea while sailing or kitesurfing? Or you won't dare to go out with a cap because you think you'll lose it?

The One Cap is designed to stay securely on your head in all wind conditions. Wear it tight and you'll never lose it ! 

Test ridden by our kitesurfing and surfing team mates in France !




Comfort & Breathability



After months of research, we finally found it. The most comfortable polyester. The entire cap is made from this unique and easy wearing material. 

In order to make the cap the most breathable for comfort; we used laser technology to place a special geometric structure of holes on the side and back of the cap. This create maximum airflow and moisture transfer. 

In the desert, or on the sea, this cap will feel amazing on your head. 







Our cap is resistant. The whole cap is made from one material : our highly breathable and solid polyester. The shape and material are built to last. 

The visor is made from TPE, even if you put it in your suitcase, it will not change its shape.

The whole cap is UV & seawater resistant. It will remain black even after hours spent in the ocean.




Made for water sports



Floats in water 


It's a must for all water sports lovers !


Quick Drying



Our cap is made for the water and for the sea. 

It dries quicker thana other caps and hats. The material we chose dries 3 to 4 times faster than cotton.




Unique Style



We made it black because it's classy and fits with every other color. The 100% anti-UV & transparent visor gives you a sophisticated look. The logos are rubber printed : the white color will never turn grey. 

We chose a timeless shape, so you can keep it for years. 


Fexible Visor 



The visor is flexible and will always return to its original shape even if you put it in your suitcase. 


One size fits all



The One Cap is suitable for all head sizes. Even the biggest.

For sports you can wear it tight. It will always be comfortable to wear and remain securely on your head.  


Key features



Our Company

We are a French outfit brand empowering people to live the life they dream about. Since 2007, our mission is very clear. We create innovative and highly functional product, made for the outdoors, while giving you the best style. Our brand and vibe is very down to earth and positive feeling. 

Naturally, a few seasons later, a community of water-sports enthusiasts and high quality products lovers emerged. And they are still with us today.

If you want longlasting and well-conceived product for your trips and your daily life, you are tshotsh, too.





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